Thursday, September 22, 2011


             Our  Everyday Don* E-Courses have a Mission

ONE - Rather than the professor at the university, most of us are out and about as Everyday Don’s just trying to find the time and space to learn a little something to inform and elevate our lives. We are not conducting this inquiry in order to know what virtue is, but in order to
become good, else there would be no advantage in studying it. For that reason, it becomes necessary to examine the problem of our actions and to ask how they are to be performed. For our actions determine what kind of characteristics are developed.

TWO -  to recognize that members of the public need to be awakened from their moral and intellectual slumbers to satisfy the questions each has about the good life and good society, which is the basic normative question of philosophy:

                                          WHAT OUGHT WE SEEK IN LIFE? And

                                          HOW OUGHT WE SEEK IT?

While practical philosophy is essential to understanding the good society and the extent that it bears on the conditions required for responsible citizenship and the pursuit of happiness, ours is rather to motivate we the people to engage in the kind of conduct in our personal and public lives necessary to make a really good society and a good life for ourselves while fashioning our eternity.

OUR COURSES are available on your own time schedule and delivered to your email inbox accordingly. They are simple, inexpensive, to the point and with Daily Endnotes challenging you on each topic.

                                                                                         Judy Joyce -Editor: Everyday Don tm
* the don is a fellow or tutor of a traditional university
 or college especially such as Britain's Oxford or Cambridge.


Our E-Course Mission is inspired by and indescriminately adapts, edits, and quotes from the  Center for Great Ideas - Adler &; Van Doren 

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