Saturday, April 19, 2008


COMMENTARY: Take a look at one of our electronic books on Amazon with a CLICK in the column on the right. It's a Kindle read of "A Lady in a Blue Dress - A Short Story of Savagery in South Africa" by Judy Joyce. This amazing dress made of garbage bags hangs in the halls of the Constitutional Court of S. Africa as a grim reminder of the apartheid struggle. It's story is shocking.

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joneill66 said...

Hi Judy, This is my 2nd year without Mom. I miss everything about her. Smile, laughte, kindness, witty sarcasm. I remember an outstanding Mom's Day among the many I enjoyed with her. Mom was always buying clothes for me and Terry and neglecting herself. Dad took Terry and I to a department store where we bought Mom clothes and a spring coat. She was so surprised and happy but, at the same time, worried about the money Dad had spent on her perfect Mom's Day. Jo